Amit Chugh Photography | Weddings, Portraits, Events, Parties

Pricing Information

My pricing is based on the type of work like weddings, portraits, events, parties etc. I will work with you to customize the package that will work for you. I will never try to over sell anything to you that you really do not need. My goal is to give you the best value for your money.

All the work that I do is customized based on your needs. I do not believe in creating packages that you are forced into when you really do not need some or most of the things. I believe that creating custom packages based on what you need gives the most value for your money. Being more customer focused I hope that you will choose me over others whenever you need a professional photographer to do your weddings, portraits, events, parties etc.


Q Does custom packages mean I will not get any package discounts?

A No. You will get discounts when you create your custom package. So you get the best of both the worlds i.e. get discounts on packages for the things you really need.

Q How can we get an estimated price?

A Use the Contact information to contact me. Provide a brief information about the kind of work (i.e. wedding, portrait, event, party etc.) and what you have in mind. Do not forget to provide a valid contact information like your email address or the best number to reach you. I will then contact you to find out whatever information I need to get you an estimate.

Q What is your average price range?

A No job is small for me. Whether you need 1 picture or lots of pictures and/or photo albums. Everyone's requirements are different. That is why I will work within your budget to get the best price for your needs. Some people would want to get the best photo albums using leather covers, heavy archival papers etc. while others would like to get a pocket size photo album that they can carry around and show to their friends and family. Because everybody wants different things we have no fixed price range. Contact me with your needs and I am sure I can work something out for you.